Ruminations on The Dark Knight Rises Imax Preview….and Some Tom Cruise Movie That Showed Afterwords

My local IMAX theater is thankfully running the “Dark Knight Rises” 6-minute preview in front of “MI-4: Ghost Protocol” and I checked it out. Visually DKR looks amazing and the stunts and plot look top-notch, but I did have an issue with the villain, Mumbles. You may have heard that Bane is the film’s villain, this is not true. Tom Hardy plays a masked version of the classic Dick Tracy villain, Mumbles. I say this because I literally did not understand one word that came out of his mouth. I am praying that it was a glitch in the trailer’s soundtrack or the IMAX theater I attended.  In all seriousness, Bane is quite well done and the preview has some great moments. I will not spoil it, but it is worth seeing if you can.

Here is the real shocker of the evening; MI-4 does not suck. In fact it is pretty good. Easily the best film of the series because, finally, the screenwriter actually watched the original TV show. I shed a tear of nostalgia at the opening credits.  Do not expect an overly logical plot, just amazing stunt sequences and a lot of gritty action. Very gritty action in one case. It is a good joke, trust me.  Oh, and Simon Pegg runs away with the movie a bit. All in all a nice cinematic evening.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer





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