Battle Foam v. Outrider Hobbies Lawsuit Update

April 30, 2010 | | Comments 9

Battle Foam filed a motion today in response to the motion by Outrider to move the case from New Hampshire to Arizona. The full PDF is available for download below, but the main thrust of the filing is that New Hampshire is the correct venue for the lawsuit and the court should ignore Outrider’s motion. Battle Foam provides some New Hampshire stores that sell their products, game conventions attended in the region and the global reach of the internet as supporting evidence. One interesting bit was Battle Foam’s contention that Outrider’s motion is invalid because the owner, without a lawyer, filed the paperwork.  The argument is that under the applicable law, “pro se” representation is not allowed for a limited liability corporation.  A fascinating argument as it forces one side to hire a lawyer. I am very curious to see how the court rules, but there is no eta for a ruling in any of the filings. I will keep an eye on it and post when I have something new.

Battle Foam’s Response to the Change of Venue Motion from Outrider Hobbies

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