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Paizo's Pathfinder Society Does Gen Con Right!

Paizo’s Pathfinder Society Does Gen Con Right!

Paizo’s Pathfinder Society rarely merits mention on Livingdice because I do not participate in the campaign. Nothing against it, in fact I like the Pathfinder system, but I only have a finite amount of gaming time. Yesterday Haaldaar forwarded me an email from Paizo regarding their Gen Con plans that impressed me enough to write […]

Paizo's Pathfinder Burnt Offerings as a Stage Play

Paizo’s Pathfinder Burnt Offerings as a Stage Play

Welcome to Portland, Oregon. The land of wet winters and amazing eating establishments. But unbeknownst to many, a land populated with many nerds and geeks. So many, that we infiltrate places that none suspect. Portland is a place where once I was sitting at a sushi bar with a buddy of mine talking about his […]

Trask's Thoughts on the Paizo Pathfinder Society Organized Play Campaign

I spent two hours last night in the Pathfinder chat session and carefully read all of the responses offered by the campaign staff to publicly-submitted questions. The questions ranged from character tracking to running modules in a  game store. There were no surprises in any of the answers.   Regardless of the new name, it is […]

Paizo Pathfinder Society Chat Report

I attended a two hour chat with Nick Logue,  Paizo Organized Play Coordinator  and Joshua J. Frost from the Paizo marketing department on the pending release of the “Pathfinder Society”  organized play campaign. This is not edited, so do not blame me for any typos. I also had some technical issues, so I might have […]

Pathfinder Alpha 2 Skills Overview

This is my second of probably five posts regarding the new “Pathfinder” rule set based on the 3.5 OGL rules.  Today I will examine the skills section, which includes skill  advancement, ranks and skill descriptions. The first change is simplified skill point acquisition.  For example, a paladin now receives two skill points, plus his intelligence […]

Paizo Pathfinder Alpha 2 Races and Classes Overview

Pathfinder released its “Alpha 2” version of “Pathfinder, ” so I thought I would post some of the main differences between OGL 3.5 and the new “Pathfinder” rules. This is not an in depth review or analysis of the rules, just a quick summary of the key differences that caught my eye. It is not […]

Paizo Releases Pathfinder Alpha Release 2

I am big booster of open-source software ie. Linux. The Paizo Pathfinder project is open-source gaming and a fascinating experiment.  For the uninitiated, Paizo is creating a game system based on the 3.5 SRD, but “modified” by the fans.  They plan on publishing a hardback book next summer, but are releasing revisions as free PDF downloads now. […]

Paizo Pathfinder charts a new course–Players Fix the 3.5 Rules

Here is the link: Pathfinder Announcement I am excited about this announcement for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I am thrilled that Paizo is beta-testing the rules in the real world for a year! If there is an issue with the underlying system, either in execution or explanation, then a year of real-world testing is […]

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