Free D20 Modules!

All too often a DM is short on time and long on players in need of a challenge. Rather than throw something together, I have a great resource that will provide modules, complete with maps and monsters for a variety of challenge ratings…for free.

Paradigm Concepts runs a “Living” d20 campaign called “Living Arcanis,” based on their “Arcanis” campaign books. For those unfamiliar with the concept a “Living” game has a common set of rules and character tracking, so a player in New York can play in California without worrying about “house” rules. Essentially, it is an MMORPG for tabletop gamers. The campaign has run for the past five years and has a strong player base. Over 100+ modules have been published.

The result of this is that Paradigm solicits and regularly publishes player written modules for the campaign. Each module is designed to run in a four hour convention slot, so it is perfect for a “quickie” home game. Although designed for the “Arcanis” universe, many of the modules use only base monsters and equipment and are readily adaptable to the home game.

In the interests of full disclosure, I write modules for the campaign and run one of its regions. It is, in my opinion, one of the best campaigns for d20 out there.

You are more than welcome to check out both the campaign and its modules at:

If you are interested in the Arcanis world, check out the “Player’s Guide to Arcanis.” One of my favorite source books!

Players Guide to Arcanis

Player’s Guide to Arcanis PDF Version for Download

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