4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons "Mark" Solution– Soda Pop Rings

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This weekend I went to the local “Living Forgotten Realms”  game day for some 4E RPG action. As 4E players know, the new way creatures are effected can be a little tedious. They can be marked, cursed, queried, and succumb to a host of temporary or “until save” conditions.  Having some sort of management system for all of these effects is crucial for a smooth running game.

Well, our judge had an interesting solution for managing these effects that I had not seen before; so, I thought I would share. He used the rings from bottles that are left over from holding the cap on until you open it. You know the ones, they are found on soda bottles, milk bottles, juices, pretty much every plastic bottle. And the cool thing is they come in a rainbow of different colors, so he had a color for every effect. To get a large set you would have to strategically buy your soda for a few months to get the right colors. But once you do, you are set. And if you normally get soda anyway, they would be virtually free.

Soda Ring Markers for 4e

Soda Ring Markers for 4e

In practice they worked pretty well. They were easy to throw on the creature, and due to the plastic “teeth” on the inside of the ring, they stayed in place. They were easier to add and remove then chips you place under the characters because you didn’t have to pick the mini’s up to add/remove them. And they were cleaner on the board then setting markers next to the mini’s, since they didn’t get in the way.

On the negative side, once a creature had 2 or 3 effects, then it didn’t work so well for additional ones. One creature that ended up with 5 effects, we had to take the ball of plastic off and just set it aside, because it was to unwieldy.

I personally am still a fan of the magnetic markers, but this may light some people’s fire.


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