Weirworld–Part 5 The History of Krollis, Rise of a Holy Empire

Fell creatures and toxic miasma slowly drowned the High City.  Those not killed outright by creatures or the evil ooze…changed. Armor of black chitin, razor claws, Godlight-powered strength and endless blood-thirst claimed good men and added to the carnage. This was not the worst though. A tiny few, the strongest of will and body retained their human form, but a patina of evil coated their souls.  These men became the first Gatelords, creatures of legend wielding immense power and seeking inscrutable goals. Striding at the front of their inhuman army, the Gatelords sought dominion over the High City and beyond.  Most wisely ran from this horde. Those few that stood and fought died…eventually.

One the third day one man took the last chance for Krollis. Zil, son of the late Herrick, knew a secret so deep that he and his father never told the Emperor.  The Godlight tower had a flaw.  Herrick used Godlight to fuse each stone into the tower, forming a nearly indestructible crystal lattice. Nearly, as one piece was different, ever so slightly fractured and no matter the Godlight applied, it remained so.  Zil hoped that a precision strike of Godlight, channeled into that tiny defect would bring down the tower.    Zil and 80 of the finest Iwa soldiers of the late Krythali Empire scuttled through sewers, basements and forgotten tunnels, eventually reaching the Emperor’s garden. Zil sent a young Iwa back to report that they achieved the garden and planned to make the final assault.

Accurate historical records end here as no one survived the final assault, save for his Radiant Highness and he never speaks of that day.  What is known is in the late afternoon of the third day of the breach, the tower fell. More precisely, it began crumbling and as it crumbled the tear into the dark realm spiraled and contorted like  a burning serpent.   A column of twinkling light blasted into the sky leaving nothing of the tower or its components. Moments later  a massive explosion formed the crater that is now “The Great Weir.”

From this destruction strode a man, clothed in Godlight. Burning so brightly that those blessed few that looked upon him fell forever blind. Lances of fire from His Radiant Highness scoured the plateau of Gatelord and minion alike. The last Gatelord fell before nightfall and the High City belonged to men once again.  Dampening his holy fire, the Emperor gathered men to him and it is this core of men that formed the first Emissaries of his church. Gifted with a bit of the Emperor’s power, these men and women brought all to the new faith. Those that resisted, died. Many speculated on the Emperor’s origins. Some thought him Zil, hero of the tower or perhaps one of his men. Most think this heresy and believe the Emperor to be a divine being, descended from heaven to save the unworthy.  Speculation continues and the Emperor does not share his secrets.

Though thrilled the immediate threat defeated, the fight was far from over. The Miasma and beasts pushed form the plateau settled around the city, distorting the surrounding lands into the toxic swamp now known as the Black Jungle.  Only through the Emperor’s power and his loyal followers’ faith did the city survive and thrive.

A new deity strode Krollis and with him came a new faith and it would change Krollis forever.

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