2009 GAMA Trade Show List of Exhibitors with Links

While researching the GAMA Trade Show vendors for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas, I compiled a (nearly) GAMA Trade Show 2009complete list of the exhibitors and their web sites. Although it is a trade show and not a convention, I think it is of interest to the gaming community as a whole, so I am posting my list. I am missing a few exhibitors, but I hope that some helpful readers will add those links to the comments.

I cannot find links for the following vendors:

Bastion Studio
Family Games
JLB Studios
Squires, Margy/David–I found this link, but it leads to a vitamin retailer. Is there anything game related about this vendor or are they crashing the party?
Wells Expeditions
Xtra Innings

Rather than shoehorn the 90 links into a blog post, I created a new category over at RPGSeek.com’s directory with the links. This makes them readily searchable and I have added them to the  search engines on the site’s front page, where applicable.

2009 GAMA Trade Show List of Exhibitors with Links

I expect additions to the list in  the next couple of weeks as publishers finalize their plans. I will update the list and notify you of any changes as GAMA updates their site. I have not added deep descriptions of the exhibitors as yet. If you are an exhibitor or an interested fan that would like to update a link entry in the directory, just submit a new entry with the improved description to the “new submissions” category and I will update the entry.

Hope to see you in Vegas!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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