Invisible Sun Role-Playing Game Puzzle Solutions

The Invisible Sun role-playing game from Monte Cook Games encourages players to discover secrets, both about the greater world of Invisible Sun and the game itself. Invisible Sun has multiple puzzles built into the game books and accessories that come in the Black Cube. If you are here, then you likely know this already and are looking for solutions to the puzzles. A group of us has worked very hard and solved many of the puzzles in the original Black Cube, The Teratology and Book M. However, I will not post them here to avoid the spoilers winding up at the top of the Google search results. This is what you need:

Join the discord server and then go to the channel “role-assignment.” Once there paste this command “$iam IS-Secrets.” This grants access to the #secrets group and all that has been discovered lies within. Be warned that the #secrets group has a spoiler-friendly rule, so once you are in you will be able to see everything we have solved and are working on.

We have already cracked a few things that are obvious puzzles, so I will mention them here. This is not a complete list!

The Invisible Sun Script:

The “Goetic” Script (official name of the font is IS Occult):

The “Goetic” Script AKA “IS Occult”

The Clocks:

FYI, the clock puzzle took so long to crack that the Discord group still uses it as a difficulty benchmark. We hated them with the fire of a thousand suns! 🙂

Good luck vislae and welcome to #secrets!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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