4th Edition Gamma World Power List Revealed

January 31, 2010 | | Comments 10

Wizards of the Coast just announced a new edition of “Gamma World,” an early post-apocalyptic RPG. After some research and a bit of sneakiness I discovered a partial list of the powers from the game. Here is a screen shot of the mutant plant list.

4th Edition Gamma World Powers List

4th Edition Gamma World Powers List

Ok, I admit it. This post is satire. I am afraid the new GW will be nothing but 4E D&D with a patina of radiation.  I do not like 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. I find the combats tedious slogs, character abilities differentiated only by flavor text and skill challenges just silly.   If it was not for the fact that my game group (great bunch of guys) wanted to play it, I would never play 4th Edition. Ever.

Now WOTC wants to use the 4e system to drive a new version of “Gamma World.” Much as I love “Gamma World,” 4E is gaming kryptonite to me.  Until WOTC dumps 4E in the dust bin of gaming history, I will not buy any game from them.

Edition wars aside, rumor has it that the new GW supplements have a random, collectible aspect to them. Additional character mutations come in random booster packs, complete with commons, rares etc.

Assuming this comes to pass, I have two words for WOTC on this issue: Bite me!

CCGs are evil. I have never bought into one of these money-pits  and I never will. You want to sell card supplements? Fine. Use the “Dominion” model and list the contents of the booster box.  I am especially angry about this because WOTC is the leading RPG publisher and I do not want a CCG business model infecting the RPG industry.  Others companies may follow their lead.  One bit of advice for those that will buy the new GW;   never buy a booster pack. That way the GW franchise lives on, but the odious CCG component dies a swift death.

This is the end of my rant. Feel free to flame away in the comments.

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