Current Role-Playing Game Forums Suck–Should I Add One to Livingdice?

August 30, 2010 | | Comments 11

Enworld and are the clear leaders  role-playing game discussions within the gaming community.  That said,  these communities are now so massive that finding anything is nearly impossible and threads quickly reach “War and Peace” in length.  If that were not bad enough, the level of discourse on these sites often degenerates to the lowest common denominator and on the Internet, that can be quite low.

If I were to set up a forum on Livingdice, and it is strictly dependent on the response to this post whether I install one, I envision an open community. Open in the sense that anyone may join, but idiots get hit with a ban stick.  I am not interested in massive numbers of subscribers. I would rather have 50 intelligent, thoughtful forum contributors than 2000 “flame warriors” nattering about edition wars and how to min/max their paladin.

There is so much more to RPGs, in the story, the characters,  adventure design, even the mechanics of map making that all too often disappear under rule discussions and flame wars on current forums.  I am also keen to get a discussion started with current RPG designers and aspiring designers in a safe and encouraging environment about the process  and business of game design.

Does this sound like something you, my readership, would use regularly?  If so, please add a comment to this post and make your voice heard! Assuming I get enough of a response, I will get vbulletin installed. Vbulletin is a $200 software forum package and I do not spend this amount lightly, especially since Livingdice does not generate much income (but it does generate much personal satisfaction, which is why I keep doing it). Think of it as proof of my commitment to an intelligent, well-moderated forum about role-playing games.

So, if you want a forum that strives for sanity, intelligence and articulate contributors, please add a comment to this post.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

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