Cheap Custom Embroidery for Game Club Shirts

Occasionally game groups or clubs reach a level where they take that final step towards local gamer fame…the club shirts! Most clubs use t-shirts and silk screening or decals for their club shirts.  I did some research for my group (The Dice Templars)  and found a company, Queensboro Shirts that sells very affordable embroidery services. I revisited the site to order some logo polo shirts for GTS 2010 and I thought I would share  the process if any other group is interested. Yes, I do get some merchandise credit from the links in this post, should you choose to order something. Other than that, this is not one of those execrable “sponsored posts” you see on some sites. I am up-front about my shilling. 😉

Step one is submitting your logo for analysis and larger logos cost more to embroider. This is my company logo and it cost $25.00 because it was under 11000 stitches. This is a one time fee.  Be warned that a really huge logo will cost more and be so large the stitching stretches the shirt out!

I know it looks a bit rough , but that is because of the way the layout process for the logo works. On the actual shirt the stitching is much tighter and looks very clean.

Once evaluated, you pick the shirts you want and place the order. A couple days later, you approve the logo proof online and the order is under way. Takes between 3-4 weeks to get your order. There are shipping charges as well.

Queensboro has a couple of things that I really liked in a custom shirt provider. First, the shirts are cheap and embroidery is free. Cotton polo shirts run between $9.00 to $13.00, though they do have some very nice Nike  and Adidas polo shirts for $60.00! Beyond what most gamers need, but I mention it for the hardcore golfer gamer. I do not suggest going totally low-end unless you have a very limited budget. The $13.00 shirts felt like the standard polo shirts I wear to work. The $9.00 version were…a bit thin in my estimation. The embroidery, of course, looks very nice.

Second, the minimum order for many products is only four items(some bags and hats require four of the item purchased, check before ordering). I mixed and match shirts of different types for myself and Haaldaar to make the minimum. Trust me, finding some place to sell less than 200 items at a time was a chore.

My three polo shirts, two t-shirts, embroidery and shipping were under $100.00.

Custom-embroidered logo shirts and apparel by Queensboro

Let me know if anyone out there gives them a try. I would like to see your logos!

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