Gama Trade Show 2010–At the Airport

GTS 2010 is over and I had a great time. This is my second time attending the GAMA Trade Show and I thought this year went much better than last year. Attendance seemed up to me (hard to tell, but that is my impression) and the general mood seemed much less dire. GTS 2009 was an exercise in economic fear that really cast a pall over the proceedings. This year the mood was up-beat and positive from many attendees. Several companies told me they moved more product this year or made distribution deals.

As promised, Haaldaar and I got photos and release information for every vendor! Yes, over the next week to ten days, regular posts with information about every vendor will appear on There are some great new products coming out this year. Expect the first post to go up Monday morning. We have also chosen our “Livingdice Best of Show” product and I think it will be something of a surprise. Other items of note was a conversation with Catalyst Game Labs regarding their recent financial issues, a new blogger joining and generally lots of fascinating content. I even shot some HD video of the show. I hope it turns out well enough to post. I will keep you updated.

I also noticed some new blood at the show. Smaller companies that were first-time attendees. Great to see some fresh faces.

On a more forward-looking note, several vendors kindly provided games for reviews on this site. I have enough games to keep myself and Haaldaar busy for the next couple of months reviewing.  Thank you publishers!

Although great fun, the GTS is an endurance race. After the end of each day putting a coherent sentence together was a challenge. Tired feet, sore back and hoarse voice were all too common. Games aside, trade shows are WORK!

I hope you enjoyed the WOTC Seminar liveblog. It is getting a lot of attention and I will go in today and get it cleaned up for easier reading.

It was a great show overall, but there was one issue I hope is addressed for next year. Bally’s wireless internet access is appalling. The only reason we could live-blog the WOTC seminar was our Iphones. Even after paying the $15.00 for internet access at the hotel, it never worked wirelessly. In a bitter irony, the convention center hosted a wireless internet vendor convention at the same time as GTS. I wonder if they had better luck than I did.

I am dead tired, so expect the first GTS 2010 report on Monday. Yes, I am planning on going next year!

Check back on Monday for the first of many entries on the GAMA Trade Show 2010 vendors!

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  • March 28, 2010 at 12:04 am

    Thanks for the update! As a first timer there ourselves I’m curious to see what your thoughts were!

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