Review: Western Miniatures from Dixon Miniatures UK

“Aces & Eights” is the next campaign for my regular gaming group and I am running a 24-person shootout at Gen Con 2010 (more on this in another post). In preparation for both the campaign and the shootout, Haaldaar  started a hunt for western miniatures. He wanted the usual stuff, cowboys, indians, US cavalry and an assortment of gunfighters and drunks.

A visit to the FLGS bore little fruit, so he turned to online sources. After much research, Haaldaar came across Dixon Miniatures in the United Kingdom. They site had some nice miniature and they were dirt cheap.  Each one was about $1.60 America (1 Euro). Even with shipping, it was worth the risk to get a few and see if they would do the job.

He received 30 miniatures and here is a sampling.

This photo includes a medium “D&D” miniature for scale.

I am thrilled to find Western miniatures of decent quality and low price.  Nothing arrived missing limbs  or weapons and shipping was reasonable, but a bit slow coming from the UK to the US. Sculpt quality was quite good and was very good if you factor in the very low price point.  All in all I am very pleased with Haaldaar’s purchase and look forward to using them in  his  upcoming “Aces & Eights” campaign.

If you check out the Dixon Miniatures site they also have painted examples of their extensive offerings.

Full Disclosure: Haaldaar paid full retail for these items.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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