Chronicles of the Shattered Empires

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Paradigm Concepts produces a great fantasy campaign world called “Arcanis.” Originally an OGL-based world, a new version released at Origins 2010 with Paradigm own rules set.   Officially the book is  “Shattered Empires” and the organized play (living) campaign is the “Chronicles of the Shattered Empires.”  I cannot even begin to explain the world in any depth, because it is deep!  There are layers of complexity rivaling anything I have ever seen in a fantasy campaign. More importantly, to me anyway, is the grim and bleak take on a fantasy world.

Great human empires still exist, but are often mere remnants of greater ancient empires and often teeter on the brink of oblivion. Elves and dwarves live apart from humans and every nation  distrusts each other. Hope is in short supply, while weapons are plentiful.

The new release is just a set of  “quick launch” rules to introduce people to the world and get the organized play rolling. A full campaign book comes out next year. Here is a shot of the cover.

This shot lists the various gods and a cleric doing what clerics do best; turning undead.

Take note of the section labeled “Elorii Deity.” “Elorii” is the Arcanis term for elves. They only have one god listed because the human gods betrayed, killed and devoured all the other elven gods! For some reason, elves now distrust humans…

Finally, a shot of a dwarf slinging some magic.

I am very anxious to check out the book and play a couple of sessions at Gen Con 2010 next week. I will let you know how it goes.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

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