Gen Con 2010 Trade Day Report

I saw a few things at the Gen Con Trade Day demo event that I thought interesting and worthy of a quick post.

Wizkids had a prototype for their new “Star Trek: Expeditions” cooperative board game designed by Reiner Knizia. Looked interesting, but they only had the prototype to demo. The final game will use the Heroclix bases, but is not Heroclix compatible. Comes with painted ship and character miniatures. Wizkids licensed the entire movie series so expect add-ons for this game.

This releases in Q4-Q 2011.

Wizkids also mentioned a ship-to-ship combat game in the offing (sorry, no pictures). It tentatively contains 20 ship minis on Heroclix bases (also not compatible with other Heroclix offerings) and 200 map cards.

Heroclix Online is a new project announced, but it is still very early and there were not any screen shots or demo. I will follow-up as this develops.

Mayfair had a released version of “Lords of Vegas,” their new board game for demo. This hits local shops next month. Interesting mix of strategy and dice. Interestingly, the shipment of this game is being impacted by a dock strike in Montreal.

Z-Man had a copy of “Earth Reborn,” a “Space-Hulk” like combat board game. It is soldiers vs. evil creatures running around on terrain tiles. Only got a quick look and it had nice production values and the ability to create your own scenarios.

I will write try to get up more detail after I get back from Gen Con 2010. Apologies for the sloppy writing style, but writing on the fly in a hotel lobby is something of a challenge.




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