Review: Realms Subterrane Set 3: Dungeon Deep from Scrying Eye Games

Werlen, a long-time gaming buddy decided to take the plunge into reviewing for Livingdice and I am impressed with his first offering, a review of “Realms Subterrane Set 3: Dungeon Deep” map tile set from Scrying Eye Games.

30 sheets of modular rooms and halls with counters and add-ons. Printed on 100 lb glossy card stock

Retail Price: $19.95


The Good: The artwork and printing are of excellent quality; set contains a large quantity and variety of tiles including lots of extras (trap tiles, 3-D doors, pit tiles etc)

The Bad: Card stock not as thick as other tile products; cutting out tiles takes some time

The Bottom Line: A large amount of decent quality tiles for a good price, if you do not mind a lot of cutting to get them ready to play.

First Impression:
With 30 pages this tile set contains a large number of tiles for the $20 price tag. Since only 5 pages are duplicated there are many unique tiles as well. Many of the pages also contain extras like traps, pits, skeletons, rubble, and doors. These extras can help give your dungeon creations extra character. Most of the doors can be folded to stand up giving the maps some extra dimension. The pages are clearly marked with wide, dotted lines for easy cutting.. The artwork on the tiles is well done and the printing is clean. The 100lb card stock is of a good quality but is not nearly as thick as other products. This may lead to durability issues as the tiles get used and abused.

Cutting Out the Tiles:
This is the largest downside to this product. Since this set is not pre punched I had to cut it out manually. It took over two hours to cut out the set of tiles even using a paper-cutter for the large cuts. As seen below after cutting the guide lines were still noticeable on most of the tiles. Even more trimming would be necessary to completely clean them up.

Using the Map Tiles:
The large quantity of tiles allows you to set up even large maps perhaps even entire dungeons with just 1 set of tiles. I setup the large map shown below and only used a small part of the tiles. You can also see that I used some of the stand-up doors.

I used some of my miniatures to simulate a game session. Due to their lighter weight the tiles shifted around easily. You have to be careful when moving the miniatures around or else you will be spending time fixing the map. Using some double stick tape on the back of the tiles or a Plexiglas sheet over the entire map would remove or help this issue greatly. In the close-up below you can see what the tiles look like with miniatures on them. The untrimmed cut lines at the edges on the tiles can also be seen.

Overall these tiles would be great for the value minded game master who wants to create some nice looking dungeon maps while keeping the cost down. Just keep in mind you will have to spend some serious time cutting these out especially if you want to trim the tiles perfectly. Also handle these tiles with care since they are just card stock that can folded or torn.