RSSAll Entries Tagged With: "Maps" Launches RPG/Miniature Battle Map Kickstarter Project Launches RPG/Miniature Battle Map Kickstarter Project is our new project dedicated  to producing  poster-sized, art-quality battle maps for tabletop gaming.  I and my partners became frustrated at the poor quality of our own maps (no one can draw to save their life) and the expensive, bland retail battle maps currently available on the market. We know we can do better. […]

Review: Gaming Paper Adventure Maps: Mega Dungeon 1

Review: Gaming Paper Adventure Maps: Mega Dungeon 1

Description: 100 unique, highly detailed dungeon double-sided geomorphs which can be arranged in hundreds of different patterns. One side shows unfurnished dungeon rooms for you to fill. The other side has furnished rooms.  Together, all one hundred sheets form a massive single dungeon 10 sheets tall by 10 sheets wide. Available at Retail Price: […]

Review: Realms Subterrane Set 3: Dungeon Deep  from Scrying Eye Games

Review: Realms Subterrane Set 3: Dungeon Deep from Scrying Eye Games

Werlen, a long-time gaming buddy decided to take the plunge into reviewing for Livingdice and I am impressed with his first offering, a review of “Realms Subterrane Set 3: Dungeon Deep” map tile set from Scrying Eye Games. Description: 30 sheets of modular rooms and halls with counters and add-ons. Printed on 100 lb glossy […]

Curled Maps that Will Not Lay Flat? I Have an Elegant Solution

An ongoing issue for tabletop war gamers and RPG players are maps that will not lay flat. Long-term storage in a tube or rolled up in a car trunk permanently creates hills, valleys and curling corners in soft maps. Most groups solve the issue with some well placed books and the occasional “Mountain Dew” can. […]

Book Suggestion: Maps of War

The Gods of Work are now appeased. I sacrificed time and blood to them and they granted me a boon…a 40-hour work week! With my return to normalcy comes the time to blog once again. Monday I had enough time to actually go shopping and wandered in to a “Borders” bookstore. There, forgotten on the […]

Archaic Cartography as Art Part II

A couple of the comments left in my original post referenced some great sites I overlooked. I thought them worthy of a post by themselves, so here we go. A couple of posters suggested the Strange Maps blog. I checked it out and quickly added it to my “must read” list. Some very interesting stuff, […]

Archaic Cartography as Art and Gaming Realia

I have a certain fondness for maps. Not the modern, precise guaranteed-to-be-accurate-to-within-a-meter maps. No, I speak of the ancient maps that guided Roman legions or spice traders from the far east. Maps that are as much art as tool. Clearly, these ancient maps qualify as art and are worthy of owning for that alone. For […]

RPGMapshare Free Maps for Role-Playing Games

Aleph Gaming had an interesting link today that piqued my interest. A site for the creation and sharing of RPG maps. RPG Map Share I like the idea of sharing maps with the world at large. Some of them are very interesting and have real potential for a game. They also have the added benefit […]

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