Encountermaps.com Launches RPG/Miniature Battle Map Kickstarter Project

Encountermaps.com is our new project dedicated  to producing  poster-sized, art-quality battle maps for tabletop gaming.  I and my partners became frustrated at the poor quality of our own maps (no one can draw to save their life) and the expensive, bland retail battle maps currently available on the market. We know we can do better. To that end, we created encountermaps.com and launched a Kickstarter project to create our first batch of four  maps.   I suggest you check out the Encountermaps.com Kickstarter project for full details, but here are the key points:


  • Poster-sized, full color maps (24 x 30 inches!)
  • Laminated for durability and wet/dry erase marker use
  • 1 inch grid overlay
  • Drawn by Jared Blando. You have seen his cartography work in many published role-playing games, but check out his site to see the full portfolio.
  • Cheap! You can get all four maps with free domestic shipping for $40.00 and we are including DRM-free digital copies of the maps as well.
  • We ship the maps rolled, because creased  maps suck.
  • 100% made in the USA

Here are the descriptions of the maps we are going to publish:


“Monk’s Labyrinth”

Walking a labyrinth is said to bring peace and self-awareness, so the monks built their library and gardens to test  this theory every day. That was long ago and now the library wall has fallen, bridging the library labyrinth with a massive hedge maze. It is said that those enter the library labyrinth seeking wisdom find it…in the afterlife.

“Sargasso Necropolis”

The ancients revered their dead and built a magnificent city of temples and mausoleums to honor and contain their unquiet ancestors near an ancient sea.  Centuries pass and the necropolis lies abandoned. A patient seas’ gentle waves and tidal movement gnaw at the necropolis, flooding and draining the city of the dead daily.  A foul green vine and seaweed choke the city, slowly attacking its marble walls and occasionally breaching a mausoleum. Dead sea life fill its once beautiful  boulevards.  The city’s edge, once a verdant park is now a detritus choked beach, littered with bones, headstones and marble columns.

 “City in the Heavens”
An ancient civilization conquered the secret of flight and raised their city to the heavens.  Initially the city existed on a single piece of floating earth, but wealthy groups floated small islands and tethered the to the main city with flexible bridges.  Others tethered to the new islands,eventually creating a chaotic sea of floating islands. Time passed and a foul plague depopulated the city, leaving only a haunted, floating ruin the sky, reachable by those with powerful magics.

 “Fort at the World Tree”

Ages ago the massive World Trees that stretched miles into the sky were revered by the Old Ones, but then the Old Ones fell and the World Trees fell with them. One such tree fell across a deep  canyon creating a unique and valuable crossing point between two lands. Later men carved a bridge into the fallen tree and then built a wooden fortress on top of the huge stump to defend the tree bridge.
Check out the Kickstarter for yourself.  If you would like to support our effort, you can get a digital copy of a map for as little as $3.00 or all four printed maps for $40.00 with free domestic shipping. Help us make game maps that are  both beautiful and functional.


Join us!






Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.