GenCon 2010 Exhibitors and Vendor Web Site Directory

Gen Con 2010 draws near and once again here my  link list of all of the vendors and exhibitors. The list is a bit longer than last year, which bodes well for the size of the convention and overall health of the gaming community. I could not find a few sites, so if you have any information on the missing links, please post a comment and I will update the list.

Attention Gen Con 2010 Exhibitors: If you would like  your  link updated with a better description/anchor text or would like a banner instead of a text link, contact me.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Adept Press
Albion Swords
Alderac Entertainment Group
Alea Tools
Anime Gift
Anime Palace
APE Games
Aradani Studios
Arc Dream Publishing
Arena Gear–Unknown
Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer
Asmadi Games
Asmodee Editions
Atlas Games
Axe Initiative
Baksha Games
Battle Bunker Games
Battle Foam
Bible Battles Trading Card Game
Beckett Media
Blessed Be Adventures
Blind Ferret Entertainment
Blonde Swan
Blood and Cardstock
Blue Dragon Beads
Blue Kabuto
Bricks and Boards LLC–Unknown
Bruton and Stein–Unknown
Burning Wheel
C&C Games–Unknown
Card Haus
Cartoon Passion
Catalyst Game Labs
Echo Chernik
Chimera Hobby
Chubby Hubby Undies LLC
Cipher Studios
Closet Nerd Games
Cloud Kingdom Games
Collector’s Cache
Conquest Gaming
Cool Mini or Not
Cool Stuff Inc.
Cosplay Deviants
Crimson Chain Leather Works
Critical Kings–Unknown
Crocodile Games
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Crystal Caste
Crystal Tower Games
Cthulhiana Corner–Unknown
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
d20 Pro
Dagon Industries, Inc.
Dark Platypus
Dark Sky Films
Dark Sword Minitatures
Darkson Designs
Dave and Adam’s Card World
Days of Wonder
Design Matters–Unknown
Discotek Media
Do Gooder Press
Domestic Hippie Creations
Dragon Pets–Unknown
Dream Pod 9
Duncan Toys
Dwarven Forge
Eagle/Gryphon Games
Eden Studios
Edhellen Armoury
Elmore Productions
Empire Games Online
Ennie Awards
Epidemic Books
Evil Hat Productions
Exile Game Studio
Family Fun “Mobile” @ The Game Board ™
Expeditious Retreat Press
Fantasy Flight Games
Fat Dragon Games
Filsinger Games
Fireside Games
Five Wits
Flying Buffalo
Flying Frog Productions
Flying Nightbear Games–Unknown
Frenzy Universe
Funfair by Mayfair Games
Gale Force Nine
Game Manufacturers Association
Game Publishers Association
Game Room–Unknown
Game Trade Magazine
Gamer Concepts–Unknown
Gamers for Humanity
Games Plus
Gamestation, Inc.
Gamewick Games, LLC
Gaming Etc MTG & Minis

Geek Chic
Gems of Virtues
Gifted Vision (Dungeon Crawler)
Global Anime–Unknown
GMSarli Games
Gorilla Games
Green Ronin
Gut Bustin ‘ Games
Half Price Books , Records, Magazines, Inc.
Hammerdog Games
Hamster Press
Heliograph , Inc .
HERO Games
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture, Inc.
Honeck Sculptures
House Atreides
Hunters Books and Apparel–Unknown
Hydra Miniatures
Image-A-Nation Arts LLC
Impact! Miniatures
Indie Press Revolution
Indy Baby and Toddler Expo
Interaction Point Games , LLC – IPG
Iron Die–Unknown
Iron Wind Metals
Jasco Games
K Studio–Unknown
Just Jessa–Unknown
Kenzer Co.
King Roach Enterprises/Anime Depot
Kingdom Arts
Kobold Quarterly
Konami Digital Entertainment
Koplow Games
LA Williams Art Inc.
LARP Distribution
Last Man Standing–Unknown
Lone Wolf Development
Lotus Guardian, The–Unknown
Lumpley Games
Madd Hatter’s Treasure Chest
Margaret Weis Productions, LTD
Magic Minis and More — unknown
Mayday Games
Mayfair Games
McFarland Publishers
Media Blasters
MEP Games, Inc. -Unknown
MERCS Miniatures
Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks
Mind Storm Labs LLC
Mindtwister USA
Miniature Building Authority
Miniature Market–Unknown
Minion Games
Mongoose Publishing
Moosetache Games
Moore, Monte (Maverick Arts)
Mr. Nice Guy Games
Myndzei Games
NeNe Thomas Illustrations
North Star Games
Offworld Designs
On The Lamb Games
Out of the Box Publishing
Outsider Creative LLC –Unknown
Pagan Publishing
Paizo Publishing
Paradigm Concepts
Pegasus Publishing
Pelgrane Press
Pendragon Costumes
Pens & More –Unknown
Pinnacle Entertainment
PK Cards
Plaid Hat Games
Playroom Entertainment
Privateer Press
Pro-Fantasy Software
Pulp Monster
Queen Games, Publishers of “Fresco,” nominated for the 2010 Spiele des Jahres
Raven’s Moon Design
Reality Blurs
Reaper Mini
Renaissance Fashions
Rio Grande Games
Rogue Games
Root Jack Pirate Energy Drink
RPG Webcomics–Unknown
Sandstorm Production LLC
Scarlett’s Corset
Scrying Eye Games
SFR, Inc.
Shard Studios
Sigh Co Graphics
Silver Leaf Costumes
Silver, Sword & Stone
Indiana Immunization Coalition Fundraiser–Unknown
Slager Games–Unknown
Slugfest Games

Smirk & Dagger Games
SmiteWorks USA, LLC.
Son of Sandlar
Spartacus Publishing
Steve Jackson Games
Strike Zone
Studio 2 Publishing
Tabletop Adventures
Tangent Games
The Game Crafter
The Metamart
The OwlBear–Unknown
Arcane Tinmen – The Spoils
Thompson Productions
Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures
Timeless Trends
Thomas the Lapidary’s Jewelry
Tracy Hickman’s XDM
Travesty Games
Troll and Toad
Twilight Creations
Ultra Pro
Under the Mango Tree

Universal Online Magic
Utilikilts Co LLC
V. Cube North America
Wattsalpoag Games
We Have Issues! Publishing
White Wolf Publishing

Who North America, Inc
Winning Moves Games
Winning the Selling Game
Wizards of the Coast
Wizard’s Wagon, The–Unknown
WizKids Games
Wyrd Minatures LLC
Wyvern’s Lair LLC
Z-Man Games
Zombie Buddy Productions
Zombie State Games



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.

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