Palladium Books Files Counter Claim Against Trion Worlds And Requests a Jury Trial

I thought the ongoing legal saga between Palladium Books and Trion Worlds went on hiatus until the September court date.  I was wrong.  Palladium Books dropped some new filings on the California court today. There are many documents, but the two primary ones are a counter-claim document that seeks injunctive relief for Trion World’s alleged trademark infringement and a request for a jury trial.  The second document is a point by point response to Trion’s allegations about the validity of Palladium’s “Rifts” trademark. I only downloaded the key documents for your examination as most of the others were duplicates of the documents filed in the Michigan case or were just not interesting (photocopies of the “Rifts Game Master Companion” software floppy disks, for example).

Here are the Palladium filings:

Palladium Books Response to Trion Worlds California Complaint

Palladium Books Counter Claim Against Trion Worlds California Complaint

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