The Gen Con 2010 Game Schedule for Trask

Gen Con 2010 draws near and I finally have a schedule of games to play. Gen Con is the largest gaming convention of the year and competition for tickets is fierce. In fact, a great many events sold out the first hour of registration! I know this because my initial plans went out the window when I was not fast enough on the digital draw. That said, I did put together a good schedule, with enough gaps for food, socializing, rest and pick-up games to keep me entertained all weekend. I am open to suggestions if anyone thinks I am overlooking something cool, especially if you have a prototype or pending release you would like to see discussed on

My schedule springs from my belief that Gen Con is a place to try new games. Games that I cannot play locally, prototypes and the just plain weird are my priorities. In addition,, for the first time, sponsored an event at Gen Con. I even rounded up sponsors and prizes for the event! A post next week will go into greater detail, so tune in for future updates.

Ok, enough prattling, on to the schedule.


Gen Con Trade Day

I suspect that most of the new product already saw the light of day at GTS 2010, but I am going regardless.

Super-Secret Livingdice Event

Details to follow…


Gen Con 2010 Dealer Room

Check out my list of vendors to get some early budgeting done!

Battletech Bootcamp

It is many years since I strapped on a Madcat or a Thor and I am anxious to railgun someone!

Leviathan’s Demo

Catalyst Game Labs teased us with this steampunk airborne dreadnaught game at GTS 2009 and I want to give it a try. The miniature prototypes really caught my eye.

Introduction to Shard

An RPG based on Central Asian themes and anthropomorphic animals is a “must” in my book. This one has lurked on my to do list since GTS 2009, but this is my first opportunity to play. The production values alone make it worth a look.

Giant Pompeii

Ok, not everything I scheduled is totally new. I played “Pompeii” as a time-killer at GTS 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed feeding peasants to the volcano. Doing it on a large scale just makes it all the better!

Battletech Grinder

Bootcamp got me ready, now I am going to war! Tremble world!


Chronicles of the Shattered Empires

I was a huge fan (and module contributor) to the “Living Arcanis” campaign. Arcanis is still my bench mark for storytelling in an expansive RPG campaign. Paradigm started the new Arcanis campaign (renamed to “Chronicles of the Shattered Empires”) and released a new book at Origins 2010 and this is my first chance to check it out.

I actually have significant free time on Friday that I left open for whatever pops up. If all else fails, my cohorts and I may spend some decent coin and enjoy a leisurely steak dinner. A nice change of pace from the fast food foulness I usually consume at conventions.


Winds of War Mega-Game

This is a massed battle with dozens of planes on the board and only one winner. Thanks to some great wing man support by Haaldaar, I placed third last year and am looking for the number one slot this year.

Dust Tactics Skirmish:

AEG’s latest release is a World War 2 with mecha tabletop miniature game. The boxed set I saw at GTS impressed me enough to give it a try at Gen Con.

This is my last scheduled game, although I am contemplating some Savage Worlds or Eclipse Phase for Saturday night.


A late flight leaves most of the day for some last-minute gaming and general networking.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.