GAMA Trade Show–I Am Attending, Tell Me What I Should Blog About?

GTS 2009

GAMA, The Game Manufacturers Association‘s annual trade show (GTS) starts on April 14th-17th 2009. This is the primary trade show for publishers to show their new games to retailers and “earn” some shelf space.

I am attending on the 14th and 15th, so my question to my readers is; what should I blog about at the show? The reason for my question is that I believe I am the only member of the network attending. (Oops, almost forgot the Pulp Gamer guys, so not totally alone.)   So I am  (nearly) alone at the show and the amount of material I can blog about is potentially vast. I need to pick my targets carefully to make efficient use of my time. That and I want to try to cater to the needs of my readers. 😉

I will cover the usual suspects, like new game releases and demo session reports, but I am open to any special requests from my readership. If there is a game, game developer or publisher that you, my readership, believe deserves special attention, please mention it in the comments. I will do my level best to accommodate your requests. Do not feel limited to role-playing games either. I play board games also, with a fondness for the German imports, so just about any game related request will be considered!

Here is the list of companies that will be in attendance at GTS 2009. If you prefer a hyper-linked list of exhibitors, I put one together on

Hyperllinked GTS 2009 Exhibitor List

GTS 2009 Exhibitor List

AAA Anime
ACD Distribution
Acrylicos Vallejo
Alliance Distribution
APBA Games
APE Games
Asmodee Editions
Atlas Games
Bastion Studio
Battlefront Miniatures
Bucephalus Games
Bullet Hole Games
Bunky’s Enterprises (in the GPA booth)
Cactus Game Design (in the PSI booth)
Catalyst Game Labs
Chessex Manufacturing
Cloud Kingdom (in the GPA booth)
Crystal Caste
Cynergy Data
Darkson Designs
Days of Wonder (in the Alliance booth)
Department of Homeland Security
Dragonfire Lasercrafts
Dream Pod 9
Duncan Toys
Dustgame Ltd
EOS Press (in the GPA booth)
Family Games
Flying Buffalo Games
Flying Frog Productions
FRED Distribution
Gale Force 9
Game Publishers Association (GPA)
GameBuyer Magazine
Games Workshop
Gamestation, Inc.
Gorilla Games
Greater Games Industry Catalog
Green Ronin Publishing
GTS Distribution
Hero Games (in the GPA booth)
Inner City Games Design (in the GPA booth)
JLB Studios
Koplow Games
Looney Labs
Magazine Exchange
Mayfair Games
Mongoose Publishing Ltd
North Star Games
Ody-See.COM Ltd
Offworld Designs
Osprey Publishing
Out of the Box Games
Pegasus Hobbies
Playroom Entertainment
Pokemon USA
Privateer Press
Publisher Services Inc
Pulp Gamer
Randolph Rose Group
Reaper Miniatures
Silvergate Distributors
Smirk & Dagger
Squires, Margy/David
Steve Jackson Games (in the PSI booth)
Studio 2 Publishing
Tablestar Games (in the PSI booth)
TC Digital (Chaotic)
Three Sages Games (in the GPA booth)
Ultra Pro
Upper Deck Entertainment
Wells Expeditions
White Wolf (in the PSI booth)
Wizards of the Coast
Wood Expressions
WorldWise Imports
Xtra Innings

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