Amazing DM Created Game Realia

Realia, as defined by teachers, is any physical object that complements a lesson. A classic example is the exploding hydrogen balloon from high school chemistry.  Game masters also use realia to augment their game. Some use cards to represent magic items,  miniatures for monsters and PCs or create a real document for the players to discover and read. Haaldaar my co-blogger and current DM put together a great piece of realia for our regular game and I had to share it.

His is a very story-oriented campaign, so he broke it down into “chapters.” Last weekend, he surprised us by actually providing chapter one in printed form, completely formatted and with graphics! It describes our campaign to date and highlights key locations and events. Click on the graphic below for a larger image.

Haaldaar's Realia
Haaldaar's Realia

It is a summary of key events in “chapter 1” and head-shots of the important NPCs. I thought it was one of the most ambitious efforts by a DM in my gaming career and worthy of a post. I am sure my readership has some other great ideas about realia in a game. Post your ideas in the comments and share with the world!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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