Thunderstone: Dragonspire Unboxing

AEG forwarded a copy of Thunderstone: Dragonspire today and I thought a very quick unboxing post in order. Once I get a chance to  play it, I will put up some more thoughts. A quick look through the rules shows that Dragonspire is either a supplement for use with previous versions of Thunderstone or a stand-alone game.   The rules also indicated that the randomizer cards have different backs to the regular cards. This removes the problem of the randomizers winding up in the play decks.  Overall box packaging and card quality/art are all excellent.  Enough talk, on to the unboxing.

Here is the box after opening.

The card deck in the lower-right corner in the plastic bag is an oddity. None of the cards are in the manual, so I am assuming they are promo cards. Here is the list if you are interested.

Death Sentinel
Blade Trap
The Vision
Harruli (complete upgrade set on this character)

A new addition in this release are experience point tokens. Here is the pile of experience.

Here is a shot of the dungeon board/light tracker.

The sorter cards as well.

I am doing this post far too late at night for any real analysis, so if you have a specific question about the game I will do my best to answer it.

Update: I am adding a scan of the front manual page with the card listings.

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