GAMA Trade Show 2011 Exhibitor Coverage–Part 9

GTS 2011 exhibitors today include Offworld Designs, Wildfire, Eclipse Phase, Gale Force 9, Southern Supply Distributor, Decision Games and


Offworld Designs


T-shirt vendor for the geek in all of us!  New shirts include a Cthulhu-Batman logo, “Halo  Kitty” and my personal favorite “Oh, Yeah!”


Wildfire LLC


Creators of the Cthulhutech RPG discussed some of their current and upcoming releases. “Unveiled Threats” reveals some of the dark secrets of the world Also included in the book,  and this is a quote,  “lots of gun porn.”  Remember, the only way to survive the mythos is to carry bigger guns…

“Burning Horizon” is setting material for Cthulhutech that releases in June. This was described as a “DM Toolkit” supplement. August brings the “Dead Gods” book release. “Dead Gods”  allows PCs from the wrong side of the Mythos, including Deep Ones as PCs! “Cthulhutech: The Shadow War” supplement also comes out in August. Shadow War is a miniature skirmish game!

I previously reported on “Chthonian Stars,” a Traveller supplement that brought horror to the venerable Traveller universe.  Well, there were some changes since then. Specifically, the Traveller support is gone and the game is now called “The Void.”  Wildfire created its own system, designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. Tentative release date is July 2011. The book is in a 6×9 full-color, soft cover format and contains a massive 416 pages for $30.00.  A “Creative Commons”  license is also under consideration. Art looks really good and Cthulhutech’s quality gives me hope that this will be a candidate for RPG of the year.  I will update you of any further movement on this product.



Eclipse Phase

There is a third printing of Eclipse Phase coming up that incorporates all the errata and streamlined some of the rules. Eclipse Phase: Panopticon tentatively releases at Origins 2011.  Panopticon covers life in habitat, surveillance and security, habitat design and uplifting animals. There are upwards of 40,000 words per section.  Just as an aside, I asked them about the creative commons license and how well it worked for them. In 18 months, Eclipse Phase sold 6,000 books and had 20,000 downloads through the torrents system.  Just a tidbit I found interesting.



Gale Force 9


A large miniature seller, GF9 had a wide assortment of products. Notably their “Battlefield in a Box” line of pre-painted terrain. This stuff was massive and quite heavy/durable. The sculpt quality also impressed me.   In Flames of War news, a very nicely done Polish armored train released. I got a couple of shots below of the box and the miniature itself. With the metal fittings, it weighs a ton!


Southern Hobby Supply

Distributor of hobby gaming supplies to retailers.

Decision Games

An old-school historical war game producer that caters to the Grognard audience. Though simple in appearance and design (lot of cardboard chits), the games are strategically complex.  The “Folio” line of games trades complexity for faster games designed for beginners or elder gamers looking for  quick action.

CCGStuff sells card sleeves and the like, but their most impressive item was a series of limited edition mats for playing Magic: The Gathering. Each neoprene mat is 24×14, printed in full color and of a limited run. Once they run out, they are gone forever. MTG artists were commissioned to do the work and they turned out very well.  Price point is $14.95.

And the slog continues….see you tomorrow.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer




Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.

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