Nexus Games Bankrupt and Liquidating?

Rumors appeared today on Board Game Geek that  Nexus Games, publishers of “Wings of War” and “War of the Ring,” is in financial trouble, possibly liquidating. I must repeat, this is only a rumor, but I had the email for the PR guy at Nexus and got this response:


This mail address is not active anymore.
To contact Andrea Fanhoni, please contact [redacted]

I earnestly hope this is merely a vicious rumor with no basis in fact, but the response above lends some credence to the rumor.  I will stay on top of it and keep you apprised.

UPDATE: Got a similar email from Roberto Di Meglio, Nexus’ publisher. Hope is fading…

UPDATE 2: This just popped on the BGG thread from someone claiming to be Mr. Di Meglio, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, it sadly does dovetail well with my rudimentary research results:

I won’t comment about the financial status of NG International.

However, I can confirm that I have now left the company – last week, to be exact, after resigning on june 28th with a 30-days notice, the same day that the last two employees of the company were fired.

I just want to say that the problems were not related to the results of our latest US releases without a partner – Whitechapel was great, selling out in 2 months, and while neither Magestorm or Dakota were huge successes, they did fine from a financial point of view.

As it happens, games are tougher than companies, so I am sure that any good game which was in Nexus’ catalog will show up again somewhere else, sooner or later!

Thanks to everybody who had nice words for us.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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