Gen Con 2012 Hotel Update 2–Downtown Rooms Still Available

Shock! After years of logging in and attacking the housing portal at the moment it goes live to get a decent hotel room, this year was totally different. There are still rooms available at downtown hotels 8 hours after hotel registration began! This is unprecedented in my experience attending Gen Con. So, if you still have not registered and plan on attending there is still hope.

Oh, in case you wonder why I keep posting about this topic is the hotel situation at Gen Con is was a nightmare. Either you fought like the devil for a room downtown or you stayed at some distant hotel that required a car or cabs. Distant hotels are cheaper, but whatever savings you get from staying outside downtown are probably offset by the extra hassle and expense to travel to and park downtown.


That and after a long day of gaming and shopping, a five minute walk back to your hotel is preferable than a long drive.




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