The GAMA Trade Show 2013 Seminar Schedule is Up and D&D Is Completely Missing

January 18, 2013 | | Comments 1

GTS 2013, the Game Manufacturers Association trade show is one of the major events for game publishers and retailers. Wizards of the Coast is a supporter of the event and usually presents an extensive slate of GAMA_TRADE_SHOW_LOGOretailer programming, usually 40/40/20 between Magic, D&D and miscellaneous other releases. .  Well, the extensive slate of programming is there, but Dungeons and Dragons is totally missing.  I know 5th edition is still a year or more away, but I found it odd that WOTC did not even have a “here is the work so far” seminar for D&D. Or at least some hint of their plans for the retailers. Remember, this is not a gaming convention, it is strictly for retailers to see new products and plan their strategies for the upcoming year.

Draw what conclusions you will from this piece of information, but I thought it worth a mention.


Trask, The Last Tyromancer

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