GAMA Trade Show 2013 Report 6

Collins  Epic Wargames

Polyversal is a soon-to-kickstart miniature combat system (6 mm) that allows you to use miniatures from other games, assign Polyversal stats and then go to war! polyversal_game


The central tile is a commander and he controls all the units attached to him, but should them move out of range they “detach” from the commander and default to their standing orders. The issue is the standing orders may not be the best option, so it is critical to keep command and control of all your units.  Art is great on this one and any game that allows reuse of existing miniatures is fine by me.

Bin’Fa–The Tao of War

This is a newly renamed version of  “Hexagony” from the original developer who recently reclaimed the rights.  It is a territory claiming abstract board game.



Ninja Division

Cipher Studios and Soda Pop Miniatures are joining forces to produce card games like “Tentacle Bento” and a soon-to-kickstart “Robotech RPG Tactics” miniature game. Here are a shot of the un-posed prototype miniatures.  This should release by the holiday season 2013.



Gen Du

Collectible card games are common enough, but “Gen Du” caught my eye. First off the cards are black and white which creates a very interesting look to the game.  Here is a shot of their booth signage.


Mechanically, Gen Du is a dungeon crawl with players each building a dungeon the other player must traverse.  While the game is fun, I thought the company’s card creation model was very cool. All the cards come from player suggestions.  Ideas that make the cut get put into the next release. They had some of the hand-drawn submissions next to the “clean” released version of the card.

Gen_du_cards gen_cu_card_decks

Starter decks start at $10.00 MSRP and $4.00 for a booster.

Hawk Wargames.

Hawk Wargames is a UK-based miniature company that produces  “Dropzone Commander” Dropzone Commander  is a 10 mm miniature game with a sci-fi bent as aliens invade Earth and do battle.


While the miniatures are great, they had a $45.00  cardboard cityscape I fell in love with. The temptation to re-purpose it for an RPG was very strong.


Here is a close up with some 10mm miniatures on the building for scale.



More tomorrow!


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