D&D Experience Recon

Trask has dispatched a proxy to the DDXP experience to do some recon. He should be reporting in tomorrow. In the mean time, Critical Hits has a very nice entry on the 4th edition rules and subscriptions.

A few comments/questions.

1. Will buying a  dead-tree book get me access to the online version? If not, I promise you I am not paying extra to make the book searchable.

2.  Most gamers I know are young and poor. $14.95 for “World of Warcraft”  seems reasonable. The same price for WOTC  D& D content strikes me as a hard sell.

3.  Map utility sounds cool, but again, not worth $14.95

I outright refuse to partake in any site with “micropayments.”  Maybe I am old, but buying “virtual” minis is just not worth it to me.  Unless they translate directly to something physical, I am out.

I will post more when my spy reports in.

Trask, the Last Tyromancer



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