Rogue Games Wants Amateur Writers and Artists for Game Supplement

Rogue Games , publisher of the “Thousand Suns” RPG are soliciting art and writing submissions for  a new RPG supplement.  The supplement “Thousand Suns: Transmissions from the Foundation” is set to release at Gen Con 2009. The only requirement is that you have NEVER been published before.

So if you are an aspiring artist or writer looking for  a way into the gaming industry, this contest is a great way to get started. Even if you do not win, it is a great excuse to put pen to paper and give it your best shot. Speaking from personal experience the first sentence is the hardest. After that it is all easy. 😉

You can find the full rules and requirements on the Rogue Games website.

Rogue Games Art and Writing Contest

UPDATE: Rogue Games added a link to a FAQ for the contest

If you plan on entering, drop me a comment. It would be cool if a LivingDice reader won the contest.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Hat Tip to the Game Publishers Association for this info.



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