GAMA Trade Show 2011 Exhibitor Coverage–Part 4

GAMA Trade Show 2011 coverage continues with Global Games Distribution, Cool Mini or Not,, Face Eater, Gorilla Games, Baksha Games, Indie Press Revolution and Active Mind Games.


Global Games Distribution

Global Games Distribution is a specialty wholesaler of hobby game products. Dedicated to supplying independent small businesses, Global Games carries an extensive and unique line of major board games, as well as small press offerings and imports.

Cool Mini or Not


Cool Mini or Not had a great display of the “Dark Age” miniature game. It was nice, but I was more impressed with the “Super Dungeon Explore” board game/miniature game.  The image below is a prototype and may be slightly different in the final version.



“Super Dungeon Explore” is a new game pitting players against each other as heroes or the “Dark Consul” of a treasure-filled dungeon. Looks like good fun and comes out later this year. There is no specific date yet.


Hobby manufacturers association trade group.


Face Eater


Face Eater is a Gin Rummy-like zombie card game.  Players race to get rid of their cards with Gin Rummy game mechanics (straights and runs) while dropping curses, plagues, chemical weapons and the “Pug of Doom” on their opponents. I got in a couple of hands and had a good time with this fast and funny game.


Gorilla Games

Gorilla Games returned this year with “Who Would Win?” WWW is a party game designed for large groups. Each player takes a card representing a famous person and then a “task” card is taken. Players argue about who would win. This company also offers “Lifeboat,” a survival board game and “Battlestations,”  a space station-themed board game.



Baksha Games

“Good Help” uses Frankenstein as inspiration and places you in the enviable position of evil mad scientist!  With your newly minted evil doctorate, you send assistants running around a village gathering body parts. Sadly your graduating class was large and other scientists are also seeking parts.  Once the monster rises, you send it out to destroy the town and the scientist wreaking the most carnage wins!


Indie Press Revolution (IPR)

Respected publisher of role-playing games on the fringe,  IPR had a wide variety of small press RPGs. “Microscope” and “Fiasco” were mentioned as worth a look. I might check out Fiasco. The idea of playing in a bloody  Coen brothers movie is rather appealing.



Active Minds Games

Seller of miniature transport accessories. “Mage Cage” is an expandable, module plastic box set designed for miniatures. Using magnetic bases on the miniatures allows them to stick for easy transport. Plastic rings to identify your miniatures during a tournament were also on display.



I shall return tomorrow with more!


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