GAMA Trade Show 2011 Exhibitor Coverage–Part 5

Our GAMA Trade Show 2011 coverage continues with Flying Frog Productions, Crystal Caste, Smart Zone, Spinmaster, Tartan Grizzly, ACD, Alliance and Queen Games.


Flying Frog Productions


“Fortune and Glory” is the latest offering from FFP.  This massive game invokes the 1920s and pulp tales of high adventure as its theme.  Still in early days and is not coming out until the Fall of 2011.  Conquest of Planet Earth has released as well.



Crystal Caste


Venerable seller of dice and game accessories had its usual offerings on display (including my beloved Dwarven metal dice) and their new portable game table.


Smart Zone

Cobra Cubes, Army of Frogs and Logan Stones were the focus at Smart Zone. Games tended to be abstract strategy games with simple rules and complex tactics. Games designed to make you think is their focus.



Spin Master Ltd.


The Redakai: Conquer the Kairu CCG took pride of place at this booth. In fact, the entire booth was very nicely done up as a “lab.”  Redakai is a CCG designed for younger players, but with enough scalability built in to make it challenging as the players grow-up. Initially it is playable with no reading skills at all, though older players can make use of more advanced rules printed on the cards.  Additionally, the cards are all 3-D holograms that shift slightly at different angles. Easily the most beautiful cards I have ever seen in a CCG. Even the overlay attack cards (think Gloom mechanics) are 3-D, so the fireball attack actually moves.  Also on display were the usual accessories and toys for the card game. Sadly, none of my pictures turned out of the cards. The 3-D really scrambled the Ipad’s already sub-standard camera.  I think this one is worthy of some attention for retailers. It has a great theme, beautiful cards and easy mechanics. Might even give Pokemon a run for its money.


Tartan Grizzly Productions


Tartan Grizzly’s two new games on display were “My Precious Presents” and “Pamplona: Viva San Fermin!” Players use a trading mechanic in “MPP” to slowly accumulate presents, while preventing others from acquiring any.  Due to the rampant greed the game inspires, I am not sure this is really a Christmas game. You are warned. The game components are a pile of individually wrapped presents, complete with string. It makes for  a nice, quick game with good components.  “Pamplona” is a racing game that warmed my heart because it allows goring. Nothing gets my pumping like goring friends with crazed bulls!

Players control a runner and a bull. Using cards and a bit of strategy you maneuver your runner out of harms way and use your bull to trample the opposition. One interesting mechanic is you score more victory points the closer your runner is to the bulls, so it is a very elaborate game of chicken to win the game. I saw a quick demo and this one is on my personal shopping list. .



Wholesale game distributor


Alliance Game Distributors

Wholesale game distributor


Queen Games



Queen, publishers of the popular Fresko had “Lancaster” setup. Lancaster is a new territory conquering style board game. Board was very well-done and the art good, as is common for Queen products. Lancaster releases in the fall. In more current news, “Tenno’s Court” for “Shogun” released as well.




I shall continue my reporting on Monday. See you there!


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