Secrets to Getting a Free 20 Gig Dropbox Account

January 22, 2012 | | Comments 2

Dropbox is the handy online storage tool I wrote about a couple of years ago. I thought it was  handy tool for game groups. I used a 2 gigabyte free account for a while, but noticed I was filling it up very quickly and constantly managing space was a hassle. I am also incredibly cheap and did not want to pay for more space.  So, I went in to research mode and found every freebie, contest, and referral technique Dropbox currently offers to boost my Dropbox space. A few days later, I am the proud owner of  a free 20 gigabyte Dropbox account. Behold the glory.


I had a couple of friends try it and they got the same results. Massive, free boosts to their Dropbox accounts.  It worked so well in fact I decided to put it into a document and publish it. Here is the result; “The Gratis Guide to Free Dropbox Space.”

Normally I sell the Gratis Guide for $2.99, but I am attending the Game manufacturers Trade Show in March in Las Vegas and need a fundraiser.  So, I am selling the Gratis Guide  for .99! Sorry, the sale is over, but the e-book on getting free dropbox space is still available.  If you enjoy my  GAMA Trade Show coverage, please consider picking up this e-book to help offset my expenses.

Oh, if you have a website and are willing to link put this link on your site (Guide to Free Dropbox  Space), drop me a line. I will be happy to send you a free copy.



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