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PaperBack Swap
PaperBack Swap

Hello fellow LivingDice readers,

It is Haaldaar, your friendly Holy Knight of Haruspices!  I thought I would take some of the load off of Trask for the night and tell you about Paperbackswap. Now, this website isn’t solely focused on gaming, but there are a lot of fantasy and gaming books available in this book club. And of course, I don’t know any fantasy gamers that don’t like at least the occasional fantasy book! This place has a BUNCH! They even have RPG books, though the demand for those is currently larger than the supply (something we can remedy by getting a bunch of gamers to join.)

So here is the premise. You post your used books into the system for others to order. Even though it is called paperback swap, you can also use hardcover books and even audio books. You earn a credit every time someone orders a book from you (and you send it to them). Then you spend your credits to get the books that you want from the other members.

Registration is free! To join the club, you create an account with a valid mailing address. Then you offer up some of your old books to get things going. They currently have almost 3 Million books available!  There is no spam, no advertising, no gimmicks, and no gotchas. It is really is as simple as that.

There is currently a special. If you post 10 books to the system for others to order, you get 2 FREE book credits. That is basically two free books for joining.

I have been using the this site for over  a year now. I have received about 40 books from other members and have sent out 45 books. Just to show you some of the offerings on there, here are some of my recent books:

  • Wizard’s First Rule (Sword of Truth, Book 1) by Terry Goodkind
  • A Clash of Kings (Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2) by George R. R. Martin
  • I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin (Ravenloft) by P. N. Elrod
  • The Descent by Jeff Long
  • Elminster in Hell by Ed Greenwood
  • The Dragon King by R. A. Salvatore

Check out PaperBack Swap for yourself.

Full disclosure: I do get a free credit if you use my link and sign-up with ten books. But I will use that credit to keep a fresh supply of fantasy books churning through the system.

An interlude from Trask: with any luck I can con…err…convince Haaldaar to write reviews on some of said books.




Stuart Greenwell

My first experiences with serious gaming came from the Hero Quest board game. I then made the next step to the RoboTech RPG and a lunchtime meeting of AD&D Oriental Adventures. My interests now are pretty much the same. Boardgames and RPGS. Some of my favorites boardgames are currently Settlers of Catan, Battlestar Galactica, and Space Alert. For RPGS, it is Monte Cook's Cypher System. But I am always down for a good round of Dungeons & Dragons.