GAMA Trade Show 2011 Exhibitors and Vendors

Next month is the Game Manufacturers Association trade show, covering all aspects of gaming from card and board games to role-playing games and game printing. So, it is time again for my yearly link list of all the exhibitors. This year’s list of exhibitors is shorter than last year’s list. Shorter than I expected, but more companies will finalize plans in the coming weeks, so the list will grow. The usual suspects are in attendance (WOTC, Wizkids, Wyrd) , as are some new faces I have never seen at the show before. New companies are always exciting and I look forward to checking out their wares. In an interesting coincidence, Outrider Hobbies and Battle Foam are both in attendance as well. Given their legal entanglements last year it could be interesting.

As usual, I am missing some company’s sites, so if you know the link for a missing link, drop me a comment.

Also, if any attending exhibitor would like to put up a small banner and not a text link, please contact me.

See you in Vegas!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer

42 Games
AAA Anime

ACD Distribution

Acrylicos Vallejo

Alderac Entertainment Group

Alliance Game Distributors

Arcane Tinmen – The Spoils

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory Inc ( This not a game company. I investigated and AFL performs CPSIA toxicity testing for imported toys, in addition to their normal work.)

Asmodee Editions

Assured Product Group

Asylum Miniatures

Atlas Games


Battle Foam

Battlefront Miniatures

Bereb Enterprises

Cactus Game Design

CC&C Online

Cepia Games

Chessex Manufacturing

Chivalry Games Inc

Cleveland Kids LLC

Closet Nerd

Conquest Gaming

Cool Mini Or Not


Crystal Caste

Cynergy Data

Dark Age Games

Decision Games

Digme Productions

Dream Pod 9

Eagle Games

Face to Face Games

Flying Buffalo

Flying Frog Productions

Gale Force 9

GAMA Service Provider Kiosks

Game Publishers Assoc. (GPA)


Gaming Paper LLC

Gary Games Inc.


Giant Tree House

Global Games Distribution


Gozer Games

Greater Games Industry Catalog

Green Ronin Publishing

Gryphon Games

Hobby Manufacturers Association


Homeland Security

Iron Wind Metals


Koplow Games

Litko Game Accessories

Looney Labs

Mayfair Games

Merchant OS


Meridian One

Non-Trivial Quest LLC

North Star Games

Numbskull Games LLC

Offworld Designs

Origins Awards

Outrider Hobbies

Ovation Productions Inc

Owl’s Nest Games LLC


Playroom Entertainment

PostHuman Studios

Queen Games

Reaper Miniatures

Royal Chess

RPS Games Ltd.

Sandstorm Productions

Smart USA

Smart Zone

Southern Hobby Supply

Spin Master Ltd.

Tartan Grizzly

The Credit Collective

The Legend Group

Time Warp Publishing

Twisted Entertainment

Uber Goober Gamess

Ultra Pro

Upper Deck Entertainment

V-Cube North America

Valley Games

Wargames Illustrated

Wildfire LLC

WildThings Games

Wizards of the Coast 215

Wizkids 419

Worldwise Imports 220

Wyrd Miniatures LLC



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.