Gen Con 2011 Marketing Fellowship and Entrepreneurs Avenue Applications

Gen Con 2011 opened the application process for “Marketing Fellowships” and “Entrepreneurs Avenue.” “Entrepreneurs Avenue” is a relatively cheap ($1000) and small (10×10) booth space in the vendor area open only to new vendors or vendors that stopped attending Gen Con before 2007.  Think of it as an entry-level booth space for start-ups. The “Marketing Fellowship” is a free booth upgrade to a 10×20 booth footprint for those that submit a good application for the fellowship.

I urge any start-up interested in attending Gen Con to check it out. It is a relatively low-cost option to get your product in front of many, many gamers. Here are the relevent links.

Application to Exhibit, 2011 Exhibit Hall Map, rules and regulation files can be found here:

Gen Con 2011 Marketing Fellowship Application

There are also some videos explaining the two programs at the links below.

Gen Con 2011 Entrepreneurs’ Avenue Informational Video.

Gen Con 2011 Marketing Fellowship Informational Video

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