Battlefoam Patent Application on Laser Foam Cutting Rejected–Appeal Pending

Though I am not anxious to restart the so-called “Foam Wars” from 2010, this is an interesting tidbit about the Battlefoam laser cutting patent application.

Battlefoam’s patent applicationĀ  “12/479,410 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FABRICATING A FOAM CONTAINER WITH A COMPUTER CONTROLLED LASER CUTTING DEVICE” received a “Final Rejection” on 11-04-2011, but Battlefoam is appealing. I am attaching the rejection information and the appeal at the bottom of this post if you would like to examine it for yourself. Alternatively, you can go to the US Patent Office site and do a search for “12/479,410” to see the entire application. All the relevant documents (there are many and the best way to read them is to choose “PDF” and download) are listed under the “image file wrapper” tab. Yes, it did not make any sense to me either.


For those that missed the endless forum wars on the topic, this patent figuredĀ  in a legal case that caused quite a stir in the miniature community. For more history on this topic, check out my Battlefoam v. Outrider Hobbies post from 2010.


Battlefoam Patent Appeal


Battlefoam Patent Rejection


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