Gen Con 2012 Ticket Assault Completed

For those that missed it, this morning was the kickoff of Gen Con 2012 event registration. Hopefully you registered because the events went fast. Really fast. Werlen and I were waiting at exactly 0900 and clicked simultaneously on the “submit wishlist” button. He got 154th place in the queue. I got 750th! So much for Cox’s “super-duper premium Internet service.” Fail.

Regardless, we only missed out on a couple of RPG sessions. Not surprising because they only had one session  with six seats and it only takes one interested group to grab the tickets up in a single order.  Missing out on a couple of slots is not necessarily a bad thing. Events appear at irregular intervals in the weeks leading up to the show, so something will come up.  A pleasant surprise was the Arcanis Battle Interactive on Saturday. I am a big Arcanis fan, but I can only attend one “travel” convention per year and Paradigm Concepts often skips Gen Con in favor of Origins. Not this year!  BIs are brutal, but great fun. I highly recommend you check it out.

So here is what I scored for Gen Con this year. It is also  fair warning that you might be setting at a table with a loud-mouthed blogger. You are warned. 😉


Champions 2012 Infinite Imaginations, Inc. ran an amazing game last year. Easily one of the best run convention RPG games I have ever played. Huge fun and great RP.

Firefly Hero: Can’t Hear the Message — I am a closet brown coat.

Legends of Arcanis: Dark Face of  War-– Warm up slot for the BI

Fun Scale Combat in the Age of Sail–Have tried to get tickets to this game for years.  These are the guys with the giant sailing ships in the miniature room that you walk past, but could never play.

Melee-Magthere Dungeon Command Skirmish. WOTC’s new skirmish mini game. This is just a curiosity as I am not a huge miniature fan, but I am interested to see the final rules set.

Legends of Arcanis Battle Interactive “A Pleasant Interlude”–the previously mentioned battle interactive. 8 hours of brutal warfare

Deadlands: The Maze–Savage Worlds in Deadlands. Nuff said.

Artemis: Green and Gold–My yearly “non-tabletop game” experience at Gen Con. Previous events in this category  included the disappointing NSDM, True Dungeon and the catastrophically awful Terrorwerks. Hopefully this digital bridge simulator will be fun. I want to be the guy who overloads the engines to go just a “wee bit faster.”

Steampunk Supers— Flawed Victorian super-heroes.

Wings of Glory Megagame: Battle of the St. Mihiel Salient–50+ players with “Wings of Glory planes on the same table fighting Germans versus the Allies.  An amazing experience, plays fast and the blood flows! Good times.


See you at Gen Con 2012!


Trask, The Last Tyromancer






Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.