The Strange: Great Moments In Fast Talk Failures

Our “The Strange” campaign kicked off last night and a classic, sure to be remembered event transpired that deserves immortality on


the interwebs.  Our party of “Estate” agents (think Men In Black) sought information on strange events in a suburban home, discovering an artifact and dark experiments. Basically, another day at the office for Estate agents.  Though we have 100+years of gaming experience combined, we split the party. Half the team, a paradox and spinner (myself included)  skulked into the home while two vectors trailed the homeowner to alert us when she came home.  Initially the plan worked flawlessly and we disabled the artifact.  The moment we turned off the artifact, said homeowner rushed home at high speed, with our vectors in pursuit. A GM intrusion introduced a cop to pull over the speeding vectors . Though they did warn us by cell that the villain was on her way home.  The house team setup an ambush and waited.

Some back and forth goes on between the vectors and the cops. While this is happening, the homeowner returns and immediately begins to wipe the floor with the spinner and the paradox. Seriously, we were getting stomped like nerds in a high school locker room. With lives on the line, team vector decides to fast talk the cop to let them go without doing the usual paperwork. Note: the spinner is not there, so the vectors have no real bonuses. This roll will depend completely on their native skill as gamers, so a truly clever ploy was needed.

Adam, our vector/hacker and passenger in the vehicle tries to talk his way out of the traffic stop with this bit of brilliance.

“He was an agent on a covert mission and the cop was interfering. He had to go to the bathroom with diarrhea.  And his friend was driving him to the hospital.  “

We convulsed with laughter.

In retrospect, choosing one of these might work, but all three combined was just amazing. Covert agent is a hard sell, but it might work. The classic “I have to use the bathroom” is a long-used excuse for speeding. Also, “I need a doctor” might also work.  Combined they formed a critical mass of gaming awesome. Sort of like “Captain Planet,” but with more watery feces.

It failed spectacularly.

The cop called for a drug sniffing dog and the vectors never did make it to the fight. With a bit of luck and some skill, the spinner and I defeated the homeowner without help.

So, Adam my vector friend, your efforts are enshrined for all time. I give you the gift of gaming immortality!

Trask, The Last Tyromancer.



Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.

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