Gen Con Acquisition Group Makes Another Try for Gen Con–Objection Filed by Peter Adkison

The drama with Gen Con continues! Here is the short version; the mysterious “Gen Con Acquisition Group” is making a substantially larger offer on Gen Con (about 3.8 million) for all of Gen Con’s holdings and debt.  To add some spice to their offer, the “Gen Con Acquisition Group” purchased some of Gen Con’s outstanding debt! It is only a relatively small amount of the debt, but it gives them standing in the bankruptcy proceedings.   I have all of the legal documents from the court, but they  are deadly dull.  Rather, if you are interested in all of the gory details of the offer,  you can check out a detailed summary over at

Mr Adkison, the current owner,  strongly objected to the offer (through his lawyer of course). Here is the link to the Gen Con LLC’s Objection to the “Gen Con Acquisition Group” offer.  It makes for interesting reading.

Trask, The Last Tyromancer



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