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The Most Disturbing Events at Gen Con 2009 Award

I am a gamer and generally tolerant of whatever game you choose to play or do at a convention. That said, the two events below were so deeply disturbing, so breathtakingly bizarre that I could not let them pass into memory.  I created a new yearly award for “Most Disturbing Event at Gen Con”  to […]

Review: True Dungeon at Gen Con 2009

True Dungeon is one of those events that I see every year at large conventions and just never made the time to see what it is about. Not really for any particular reason other than I had other games to play. This year one of my gaming buddies expressed an interest in giving it a […]

Gen Con 2009 Report –The Games We Played Part 2

This is the second part of my post on games I played at Gen Con 2009. Tomorrow I talk about my True Dungeon experience in detail. Aces & Eights Aces & Eights is an Wild West RPG from Kenzer and Company. We saw this RPG at Origins last year and were amazed by the books […]

Gen Con 2009 Report --The Games We Played Part 1

Gen Con 2009 Report –The Games We Played Part 1

Gen Con is by far the largest convention I have ever attended. Massive vendor areas, huge variety of games and multiple venues kept me hopping the entire four days. Since there is so much I broke up my coverage into several posts over the next few days. Upcoming topics include my “True Dungeon” experience, the […]

Gen Con 2009–At the Airport

Gen Con 2009 is over and I am dead tired, happy,  but tired.  Watch this space over the next couple of days for reports on Eclipse Phase, Alpha/Omega, NSDM, my first True Dungeon experience, Aces and Eights, Ex-Illis and others. Trask, The Last Tyromancer

Gen Con is Nigh!– In Honor of Gamers Everywhere I present “O Fortuna”

Gen Con draws near and I am ready! Ready for no sleep, spending too much money and generally having a good time. I am very excited since this is my first Gen Con and have been itching to go since 1986. Watch this space for some updates during the convention and more extensive coverage in […]

Help Me Pick Events for Gen Con 2009

For the first time ever, I do not have a full plate of events before a convention. Due to a combination of laziness and real life, the only event tickets I currently own for Gen Con 2009 are for True Dungeon. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since I am on the hunt for […]

Gen Con Bankruptcy Update

This is something of formality, but I thought everyone might like to know that the Gen Con bankruptcy is now over. Strictly speaking the main part of the bankruptcy completed several months ago, but there were some small issues, minor debts and various other items that kept the bankruptcy filing open. I am happy to […]

Gen Con 2009 Event Catalog Posted!

Gen Con posted the current catalog of events (as of 4-12-09) for  Gen Con 2009. It is a massive Excel spreadsheet (or .csv file) that lists all the events currently planned for Gen Con 2009. Even now, months before the event, the list is almost too big to easily search. Happily, the spreadsheet has filters […]

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