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Gen Con Bankruptcy Update

This is something of formality, but I thought everyone might like to know that the Gen Con bankruptcy is now over. Strictly speaking the main part of the bankruptcy completed several months ago, but there were some small issues, minor debts and various other items that kept the bankruptcy filing open. I am happy to […]

Gen Con Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan Approved–Gen Con Acquisition Group Unsuccessful

The headline pretty much sums up today’s events. The judge signed an order that approved the December 4, 2008 Chapter 11 reorganization plan for Gen Con LLC.  You can read the Gen Con Chapter 11 reorganization order for yourself, but it is not very exciting. The bottom line is that Gen Con survived the various […]

2009: A Year of Fear and Wonder in Gaming

I know I am a bit early for the “exciting things in the new year” posts that appear around December 29th every year on most blogs.   I am posting early to beat the year end rush. 2008 proved eventful to the gaming community. Gary Gygax, creator of “Dungeons and Dragons,” co-founder of “TSR” and the […]

Gen Con Update: Make-A-Wish Foundation Debt May Resolve This Week

Gen Con’s outstanding debt to the “Make-A-Wish” foundation of approximately $150,000.00 was, in my opinion, the most disturbing part of the bankruptcy filing. However, recent court documents indicate a resolution to this unfortunate problem may be in sight. The court, acting sua sponte, ordered “…immediate disbursement to Make-a-Wish Foundation of $148,562.13,….” The order is not […]

Gen Con For Sale? A Purchase Offer is Pending!

A “Letter of Intent for the Purchase of the Assets of Gen Con LLC Chapter 11” was filed on 11-20-2008 with the bankruptcy court. The “Letter of Intent”  is a summary of the terms and conditions of a potential  Gen Con purchase by the “Gen Con Acquisition Group.”  I summarized the highlights below and have […]

Gen Con Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Filing Released

Over the past 9 months, I have been following the Gen Con bankruptcy filing . After several delays, Gen Con’s Chapter 11 reorganization plan appeared Friday on the bankruptcy court’s website. There is some really fascinating information in it. You can download the complete documents at the bottom of this post, but here are some […]

A Realists View of Gen Con's 2008 "Success"

By all accounts, Gen Con 2008 was a rousing success.  I sincerely hoped that Gen Con 2008 would succeed and guarantee the future of this legendary convention.  My reasons are purely selfish as I would like to attend next year.;-) This post ultimately is about knowing the difference between a “step forward” and “complete success.” […]

Gen Con Bankruptcy Update–Reorganization Delay Request — No Disclosure Until After Gen Con 2008

I am monitoring the bankruptcy filing of “Gen Con LLC.” Most of the paperwork is uninteresting “notices of service” or financial filings. I did find one item of interest that I thought worth posting. On May 15, 2008, Adrian Swartout, President of Gen Con LLC filed a document called ” Declaration of Adrian Swartout in […]

Gencon Bankruptcy Filing — They Owe Money to Hasbro!

Update: The DMs blog is reporting that WOTC will attend Gen Con. Read the full post here. The Lucasfilm lawsuit against Gencon and Gencon’s subsequent bankruptcy filing has been the buzz of the gaming blogosphere for the past couple of months. I had not heard anything recently, so I went looking for fresh information. I […]

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