Weirworld–Part 8 Weirworld Foci

Weirworld (Krollis) is  realm of pure magic, so any foci appropriate for a magical realm or draggable is acceptable. That said, here are a couple of foci unique to the recursion and  are listed below.

Name : Carries a Writ of Devisal


The character’s family is trusted by the Holy Church of His Radiant Lord. As a loyal bloodline member, you carry a “Writ of Devisal.” This grants you the right to gather Burden in the Church’s name.  You are both feared and respected for this right.


1. Choose another PC: You removed arrived just in time to remove the Burden from his beloved, dying father.

2. Choose another PC: You believe them to be carrying far too much Burden and look forward to the day you can relieve the Burden from their soul.

3. Choose another PC: You failed to arrive in time to lift the Burden from the PC’s dying mother because you were out drinking. Forgiveness is long in coming.


Stylish, tailored clothing, light armor, holy symbol, Writ of Devisal scroll, adventurer’s pack, a light weapon


Minor Effect Suggestion:

Your aura of divine authority makes it difficult for others to ignore your suggestions. Subconscious  fear of your divine might makes is one step harder for an NPC to ignore a reasonable suggestion.

Major Effect Suggestion:

Your rage in battle draws upon your current Burden to maximize damage. Convert one cypher you currently have directly to damage on a one point per level of cypher basis. A spectacular burst of Godlight accompanies this effect. Do not roll on the Burden table.


Tier 1: Resist the Temptation of Godlight (1 intellect point)

Years of training grant you a one step bonus when making the Burden intellect check after activating a cypher.


Tier 2 That Burden is Mine!

You may gather any Burden within short range as an action.


Tier 3 Raising a Mighty Weir (2 intellect points)

You now have a two step advantage when making the intellect check after activating a cypher.


Tier 4 For His Greater Glory! (3 intellect points)

You ongoing success in His Radiant Lords service garners fame and respect. When leading anyone into battle, grant all allies in short range a two step advantage to their first attack.


Tier 5 Know Power (4 intellect points)

Make an intellect check against a target’s level. If successful, you know the type and level of their cyphers (Burden).


Tier 6 Weir Master

You never make a Burden intellect after using a cypher, regardless of level.  You are now a master of Godlight.



Name : Foulborn


Born of the hardy folk that survive deep within the Black Jungle, you draw strength from adversity and suffering.


1. You accidentally poisoned another PC with some tasty, but lethal Black Jungle fruit you regularly eat for breakfast.

2. Another PC sees you as a heretic, a twisted product of the Black Jungle


Ragged, home spun clothing, light armor, blowgun,   adventurer’s pack


Minor Effect Suggestion:

Foulborn are the lowest of the low. Outside the Black Jungle you are beneath notice, so it is one step easier to pass unnoticed.

Major Effect Suggestion:

When defending against an attack, a drop of your tainted blood touches the enemy. A foul rot causes 3 points of damage to your victim.


Tier 1  Endure my home.

Traveling in the Black Jungle’s toxic morass is painful and debilitating for most.  You make no rolls to move through the Jungle.


Tier 2 I am worthy of the Black Jungle

Due to a lifetime of toxic exposure, all poisons are one level lower for your.


Tier 3 Hmmm. Tasty (2 might points)

Your bite is with human teeth, but tainted by the Black Jungle.  Your mouth does light weapon damage and inflicts 4 additional points of might damage due to its toxic nature if you get through the targets armor.


Tier 4 Endure  (3 might points)

Endure allows you to ignore a debilitated status for 5 minutes


Tier 5 Lord of Poison (3 might points)

Complete immunity to all poisons regardless of level. Additionally, for three might points you can envenom your melee weapon for 1 minute so it does 4 points of additional damage on each strike.


Tier 6 Of the Black Jungle (4 intellect points)

For one minute you may command the Black Jungle itself to strike you enemies. Treat the entire Jungle as a level 7 creature with a heavy weapon that you command as an action.  Branches may grapple, trees fall on your enemies, even the insects sting them.


Tomorrow is the final post in my Weirworld series.  It will discuss in spoilerific detail the true nature of Burden and the goals of His Radiant Highness


Trask, The Last Tyromancer




Trask is a long-time gamer, world traveler and history buff. He hopes that his scribblings will both inform and advance gaming as a hobby.