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Review: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

Review: John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

John Carter the film is one of the great cinematic disappointments of the past 10 years. Stop and consider what Disney had to work with, an epic story, a beautiful princess, villainous villains and a hero of legend…on Mars!  Ok, I am not such a fan boy that I cannot move on from a famous […]

Review: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Manual of the Planes

I will admit it. In all the iterations of Dungeons and Dragons, I never purchased the Manual of the Planes. Well, until now. I never was interested in different planes, universe cosmology, or portals to another dimension in my D&D games. But in 4E, there was one specific item that made me take the plunge. […]

Review: SwordMage by Richard Baker

Gamer’s Book Report – Swordmage Swordmage: Blade of the Moonsea – Book 1 by Richard Baker Published 5/6/08 by Wizards of the Coast ISBN – 978-0786947881 Aesperus, the King in Copper He was a fearsome necromancer who ruled over this part of the Moonsea hundreds of years ago, and survives as an undead lich who […]

Book Review: The Descent and Deeper by Jeff Long

Dungeon crawling is a classic gaming trope. The band of heroes descending into the earth to purge it of evil beings. Of course, gathering treasure along the way is a nice bonus. Rarely do I find mention of it in mainstream literature, but these books are an exception. The up-front review: The Descent: A must […]

DM Resource: The Vampire Slayers' Field Guide

I often hit the local “outlet” book store where surplus books from the various chain stores are sent to die. Often I find nothing, but recently I came up with this little gem. The Vampire Slayers’ Field Guide to the Undead by Shane McDougall Please ignore the title. It is clearly designed to catch the […]

DM Inspiration: The Encyclopedia of Occultism

I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ideas for my game. History, current events and my own twisted imagination provide fodder for my campaigns and modules. Last year, I came across a book of such immense value to any role-playing gamer that it now has pride of place on my bookshelf. I […]

Review: The Damned by Alan Dean Foster

Trask grows weary of aliens landing and killing all the helpless humans. Invariably, aliens either have advanced technology or a biological edge, ie. claws and big, sharp  teeth to get the job done. It never occurs to anyone that some aliens might not be so big and scary.  That humanity could be the most dangerous […]

The Malleus Maleficarum –Source Material for DMs

The “Malleus Maleficarum” or “The Hammer of Witches” is a 15th century tome describing the methods and practices of witches. It also gives instructions on identification and elimination of witches. The books is split into three parts. The first and second sections deal primarily with witchcraft practices and behaviors. These are clearly meant to aid […]

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