Trask Versus Krav Maga

Trask Versus Krav Maga

Of all the activities I considered for the “Versus” series, Krav Maga worried me the most. Melee combat( outside of RPG encounters) is not my area of expertise. In fact, outside of the occasional flirtation with karate that all teenage males go through, the fighting arts and I had a purely theoretical relationship.  That said, […]

Dungeons and Dragons 5E--The Tyranny of the Expected

Dungeons and Dragons 5E–The Tyranny of the Expected

“Dungeons and Dragons” released its base game last week as well as a free PDF set of rules to great fanfare.  I avoided the beta test development phase, so I went into the release with minimal knowledge of 5e.  Given my distinct loathing for 4th Edition and the wise public beta period, I expected much […]

Trask Versus An Atlatl

Trask Versus An Atlatl

Atlatls or throwing sticks were not on my original “Versus” blog post list, but a “World Atlatl Day” event popped up near my house and I could not resist.   Atlatls are sticks with notches cut in them to hold a dart  (I always assumed it was a spear, but everyone continuously referred to the sharp, […]

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Gaming Report

Pathfinder. I knew going in that Pathfinder overwhelming scheduled more games than any other RPG, so the many Pathfinder tables did not surprise me at all. That said, there was a smattering of other board and card games, including the surprisingly good “Lords of Waterdeep” and a fairly slick, but not my taste online CCG […]

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Exhibitors and Vendors with Links and Descriptions

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Exhibitors and Vendors with Links and Descriptions

Phoenix Comicon 2014 is next week and I decided to take a look at who was setting up at the show in the exhibitor/vendor area before I show up. Sadly, the Phoenix Comicon vendor list only lists names and booth numbers but no site links or descriptions. So I fixed it. After much effort, here […]

Repeating D&D History

A multitude of recent announcements from Wizards of The Coast has altered the landscape for the immediate future. The first involved the release schedule of D&D Next (or is it 5E, I’ve honestly lost track) while the other heralded an eventual Open Gaming License. The staggered release of the upcoming core books was a surprising […]

Popular Tabletop Games

Tabletop games are games played on a table or on a flat surface. Many of these table games are played with rules and mechanics by several players with four as the most number. Hence, these table games are played for competition and for spending leisure time. In general, tabletop games are classified as the following; […]

Gen Con 2014 Ticket Registration is Complete

After a rather frantic week of planning, I and my cohorts launched our Gen Con 2014 ticket assault this  morning to great success! There were a few high-profile events that I really wanted to attend, but knew were desired by many and doubted I could score a seat. I particularly sweat the RPG events because […]

Amethyst 4E Compendium released

The definitive edition of GSL-compatible Amethyst. Over 450 pages. Everything from Amethyst Foundations and Amethyst Evolution, updated, with new content and full color images! THIS IS NOT FANTASY WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD Which side will you choose? Which weapons will you wield? Earth is torn between the order of science and the chaos of […]

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