Trask Versus A Sensory Deprivation Tank

Trask Versus A Sensory Deprivation Tank

The film “Altered States”  altered my young mind and sent me on a lifelong quest. For those that missed out on this classic bit of  abnormal psychology ephemera, a scientist drops some quality ‘shrooms and spends a couple of hours in a sensory deprivation tank. Thereby devolving himself back to a monkey and seeing the […]

Trask Versus Player Character Skills: A Gamer Tries Character Skills In Real Life

I begin a new series tonight where I, Trask, shed the familiar cloak of  tabletop role-playing curmudgeon  and share my attempts, both past and present to learn PC skills in real life.  PC skills are the standard things almost every RPG gamer chose for his skill list at least once.  Every D&D players chose “pick […]

Thoughts on a Numenera Campaign

For the past couple of months I subjected my players to a Numenera campaign filled with wonder, weird and unfathomable technology.  Now that I have some actual play time in I thought a post appropriate on my thoughts so far. This is not a review of Numenera so much as my feelings on how the […]

The GAMA Trade Show 2014 Begins This Week

The annual gathering of hobby game retailers in Las Vegas begins tomorrow at the Game Manufacturers Trade Association Show  at Bally’s casino. I covered the show for the past few years, but this year I am not attending.  Which is a shame because, so far as I know, I am the only person that actually […]

Mutant Chronicles Third Edition Kickstarter Blows Past Goal

Mutant Chronicles Third Edition Kickstarter Blows Past Goal

Modiphius Games launched a kickstarter to bring about a 3rd edition of the under-the-radar sci-fi horror RPG “Mutant Chronicles.”  I mean no slight by the “under-the-radar” comment, it just seems like everyone has heard of the Mutant Chronicles, but it never seemed to bubble up to the level of more notable sci-fi games like Warhammer […]

5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

5E Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Announcements

WizKids announced some new 5E licensed miniature products during a Reddit AMA that show WOTC is really going big on the 5E release at Gen Con 2014. Feel free to read the link, but it boils down to the following information: there is a new set of tabletop miniatures coming out to support 5E, produced […]

What Rules Do I Throw Out?

I admit, maybe it’s not entirely destructive, but when trying to weave a narrative, I often times come affront to the very rules I’m playing with. This is separate to something I’ve discussed before—how unbelievably annoyed I am at the near psychopathic nature of my player party. Being an adventurer is a line of work […]


I’ve often said to friends, family members, and those I pass on the street that I’m happy J.J. Abrams left the Star Trek franchise in favor of Star Wars. He admitted not being a fan of Trek in contrast to his dedication to George Lucas’s answer to not securing the rights to Flash Gordon (just […]


If a GM does his (or her, but let’s go with him) job well enough, he is able to weave a story in his game with a start, middle, and climax, predict where the characters will go and how to act, all the while offering the illusion the players had free will. The illusion…of free […]

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